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Diane Boivie, PCC, ORSCC, CPCC

I am a transformational leadership coach and advanced energetic healer. I will partner with you so that you can step into your divine power and fulfill your life purpose and the mission for which you came to Earth.  I will work with you to remove obstacles and barriers to your progress, open up new paths for movement, and create a more richly successful, fulfilling and integrated professional and personal life.

Over 23 years in the corporate world and information technology, as well as my work in the sustainability communities, provides a unique perspective into the drives and concerns of business leaders who have a passion for changing the world. I have worked with C-level executives, vice presidents, directors and managers, as well as individual contributors. I have worked with entrepreneurs, community leaders,  business owners, partnerships and couples. I have facilitated transformation at organizational, team, and individual levels.

Utilizing my expertise in Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC) and advanced spiritual and energetic healing technologies we can resolve whatever comes up. If you are ready to step into your own power that flows from Source, and be the Light in the world that you were born to be, I want to work with you.

I am an experienced catalyst for transformative change and a collaborative partner. I bring soft radiance, fierce love, gentle power, grounded energy, and creative joy to help you transform your life, and your relationships, and the world around you.

I am credentialed with the International Coach Federation (PCC), certified in Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSCC), Co-Active Professional Coaching (CPCC) and as well as a Master Facilitator in the Dancing With Source™ Mystery School (advanced energetic healing). I am also the Past President of North Bay Coaches, a local ICF chapter, past co-leader of the San Francisco Bay Area ORSC Community, and past co-founder of the North Bay Sustainable Business Alliance.


Prayers, invocations and poetry: Voice of the Redwoods

Advanced energetic healing: Dancing With Source

Corporate work: Catalyst Coaching & Training

The person behind the Bio

I’ve always been a spiritual, nature-loving, systems-thinking person. When I decided to pursue a career in information technology, I didn’t realize how far out of whack I would become on my nature-loving, creative and spiritual side.

Life happened. I got married (and am still married), moved to a new town, finished college, parented 2 young men, got promoted (several times), and got laid off. I created a spiritual retreat in Kauai for myself and started on the road to re-inventing myself. Along the way I rediscovered my connection to the natural world and to Source. More schooling, more self-discovery, more spiritual work, and viola! Here I am.

I am an irrepressible optimist, finding possibilities and beauty in everything I see. I am energetically attuned: I became a Tibetan Qigong practitioner and then an advanced energetic and spiritual healer through the Dancing With Source Mystery School, and am a teacher in the School. I have learned, deep in my cells, the power of intention and how to utilize Earth’s energy and the power of the Divine to gain insight, wisdom, and to manifest real-world change.

I am a systems thinker; feeling the spaces in between and seeing the interconnectedness of everything. I am creative; clay becomes something lovely through my fingers, diagrams form in my head, ideas pop out of nowhere, and words flow onto the paper. I am a leader; president of our local professional association ICF chapter for 2 years, co-leader of the San Francisco Bay Area ORSC Community for 2 years, and co-founder of the North Bay Sustainable Business Alliance. I AM … all these and so much more.

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