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Celebrating "What Is"; Creating "What Is To Be"

Mountain Lake. Now is a time of quietude and rest; a time to Breathe. The flurry of the holiday season has passed; the New Year has not yet begun. We have space to breathe, reflect on the past year and celebrate all that "What Is" in our lives. And we have the space to create a vision of the next year, create powerful intentions for our lives; create "What Is To Be".

First, let's pause to celebrate "What Is". For me, the past year has been a transformative time. Because I wanted to kick-start my new life, big time, I envisioned some pretty ambitious intentions for 2004:

(1) To polish my natural and innate coaching and leadership abilities to a radiant gloss, by completing my advanced individual coaching training, gaining my certification, completing my leadership program and completing the organization and relationship systems coaching program. Whew!

(2) To create a fit and vibrant body worthy of the ever-expanding divine spirit it carries, by slimming down, increasing the health of my lungs, and training for and completing a marathon. Double whew!

(3) And to do all of this from a place of grace, beauty, flow, ease, gentle power, grounded energy, humor, joy, and love. Yup! Actually, triple-yup with a cherry on top!

Clouds and Blue Sky. And, breathe in gratitude. I am grateful for the people who have been with me and supported me on my journey. I did not accomplish all of this alone; I had a lot of help -- family, friends, coaches, teachers, fellow students, fellow athletes, health practitioners, fund-raising supporters, and those who became a mirror so that I could see my true self. I am very blessed; abundantly blessed thank you.

Now, rest in quietude. Breathe in and breathe out, becoming more and more still. The mind quiets, the body relaxes; the heart-fire is being treasured and nurtured. Feel the waves of heart-energy, waves of love and peace and joy, being sent to each and every one of you can you feel it? Become aware of your heart the energy and love that always is available from this place. We are all connected in this divine heart space; the place of our radiant heart.

It's your turn to celebrate "What Is". Take some time to celebrate the past year; focus on how you moved forward and how you were true to yourself. Please, be gentle with yourself and remember to breathe! Treat any goal you might have had as an intention an intention that you moved towards in some way. Allow space for your humanity, for real life events to have shifted your progress. Be grateful for what you have, who you have in your life, and who you are. Look for what is great in your life -- what is going right? Then rest, and breathe in the fullness of your year and who you are; become aware of your heart-fire, your radiant heart.

One Red Rose. And from this space, create a vision of "What Is To Be". Resting in your heart-space, create intentions for the next year. (Remember to Breathe!) I am encouraging you to create intentions, not "goals" or "resolutions". Intentions provide breathing space for real life to happen, progress to be made towards your dreams. Goals or resolutions seem to have more of a pass/fail aspect to them. Intentions from your heart are powerful.

So, what is your heart's dream for next year? Look into your heart. When you speak your dream out loud, do you feel a stirring, a ray of hope and joy, of energy? If not, keep looking, keep dreaming. feel for that which deeply stirs your heart. Dare to dream Big -- it's enthusiastic dreams that survive the harsh light of "real life". Go for Great, not merely Good Enough. Now -- what kind of support do you need to help you accomplish this dream? Of course, coaching is a powerful way to nourish your Dream and keep on track (but you knew that!). What support do you need? Very few of us can go it alone the right support can help us to make our dreams a reality.

And here's my wish for you. Open your heart to your dreams. Of course, let your mind inform you of the things that need to be handled to make that happen but, please, do not allow it talk you out of your dreams. Dream from your heart, with your mind in attendance, and take action from there, and you will have a wondrously fulfilling and joyful life. That's my wish for you a life of vision, action, and joy! And if you want help fulfilling your dreams, call me -- that's what I'm here for!

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