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Creating Space for the Dream Team; Exploring Relationship Metaskills

Dancers. Remember back when you were on a "Dream Team"? Perhaps you are on such a team or committee at this moment, or maybe this is a team from long ago. This is the team that you loved to be a part of; the one you remember and compare to with every team or committee you are on. What were the qualities of that team? How were the relationships among members on the team? For most teams, the qualities most often cited on a Dream Team are Respect and Trust, closely followed by a high level of Commitment and Collaboration.

These qualities are all components of Relationship MetaskillsTM. As defined by the Center for Right Relationship, these are the philosophies, attitudes or intentions that members on a team bring to the team. These are the qualities that are present in all team interactions. These are the perceptions that team members are intentional about using while dreaming up their vision, creating plans, or solving problems. There are at least seven of these: Respect/Trust, Commitment, Collaboration/Partnership, Heart/Intimacy, Curiosity/Inquiry Awareness, Playfulness, and Diversity/Deep Democracy (all voices being heard).

These are not just "nice to have" team qualities. They are absolutely essential to the efficient and effective functioning of a high-performing and well-developed team - your Dream Team. Reflect back to your own experience of being on a Dream Team. If that's hard to recall, imagine what it could be like if you were on a Dream Team right now. If your team experience is limited, recall being on a committee or being a member of a professional association. Got that scenario firmly in mind? Good, now on to the exercise!

Pie chart of relationships. Draw a picture of a circle with 8 wedges on a piece of paper. When you are done, the diagram will look like a large pie, cut into 8 pieces. Now label each wedge with one of the seven Metaskills, plus one wedge which we'll call "Other" that may want to label later (or not). As we explore each wedge, place your finger on that wedge in your diagram and imagine that you standing completely in that wedge. Take a deep breathe, take your time to sink into it, and allow yourself to get a sense of the space and feel of that wedge.

Row of trees. You've now traveled the space of the Relationship Metaskills. I am sure that you have seen several areas where your team is wonderful hopefully this is true for all of them! You also may have illuminated places to grow and develop as a team. Take a moment to identify one or two areas (no more that that for now!) that you'd like to grow and develop on your current team so that it is moving towards becoming your Dream Team.

Here is my wish for you and your team. Celebrate the ways in which your team is wonderful. Invite them to see themselves in this light. Share with them your appreciation of the way they work together and how well they hold themselves within these metaskills. Share with them your vision of a Dream Team. Enlist their help in moving toward becoming that Dream Team. And if you want additional support for making your Dream Team a reality, call me; that's what I'm here for.

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