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Radiant Spiritual Warriors; A New View for Chaotic Times

Fires on the horizon. The world is going to hell in a hand basket. The media spreads the bad news: wars, killings, terrorism. Governments create stronger and stronger laws and regulations to protect us from our fears. Corporations are just emerging from being hunkered down and riding out the economic climate; gone are the personal development workshops of the ‘90's; gone are large employee benefits; gone are huge swaths of the workforce. Mergers, acquisitions, and outsourcing are commonplace. It's survival of the fittest.

Or is it? Maybe, what we're seeing is the last gasp of the old world, the last struggle prior to humanity waking up to global consciousness. Maybe, there are people and organizations that are healing our world (for fun and profit!). People who are making an extraordinary impact on our world -- they are very rarely mentioned in mainstream press. They are changing our world, in the background, within the system, and from outside the system.

I call these people and organizations Radiant Spiritual Warriors. These are the unsung heroes; the ones you don't hear about, who are quietly striding forward and courageously wrestling with how to make the world a better place. In my travels and in my work as a transformation coach I've met many ordinary and not-so-ordinary people who are making an extraordinary impact. Their stories resonate in my body, sing to my heart, and inspire my mind. I see them, clearly shining out to the world of a new way of being and doing in the world -- Radiant Spiritual Warriors.

Blue Circles. Who are these people anyway? They come from many walks of life. They come in many shapes and sizes and nationalities. They completely light up when they speak about their dreams and the path they are on. They are completely engaging and authentic. They call out to all that is hopeful within us – you absolutely want them to succeed. Here are a few of their stories (I've changed their names):

Planets with moon. What these people have in common is deeply-felt spiritual connection, a vision of what is possible, and the warrior energy to make something happen. They all share a common story – that of going within, having some spiritual grounding, then answering the call to make a difference and transforming their life into one of joy. They're overcoming obstacles, resisting giving up, building alliances, forging ahead and creating communities that do good in the world while remaining of the world -- and having a good time to boot! They have learned the key to uniting deep spiritual connection with the ability of be effective in the world. In this they have redefined what it means to be successful.

They are not navel-gazers. They are not rich philanthropists. They are not stuck in the sixties. These are real people; real leaders. Their story is the story of humanity coming of age. They are the Radiant Spiritual Warriors on the vanguard of humanity's evolutionary advancement. Their light shines as a radiant beacon calling all of us to heal this world we call Home.

So here is my wish for you. Look deep inside yourself. Take a deep breath into your heart. Do you have a dream for what you want changed in the world? At this point, it does not matter that you might not have a clue how to make this happen – just ask yourself what is the difference you want to make in the world? Where is your passion? Where does your heart ache? What do you want healed in our world? Then "make it so", in your own unique and wonderful way. Our world needs each of us to take on some part of making the world a better place. We each need to put our own spiritual practices into action and transform our world. And if you want support for making this happen, call me; that's what I'm here for -- to help you achieve your vision for our world.

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