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Seven Steps to a Life of Radiant Treasures; Awakening the Powerful Dreamer Within

Daisy.In my work as a Dream Recovery Specialist I've discovered that there are seven R-A-D-I-A-N-T steps to awakening the powerful dreamer within you. Any one of these steps is a treasure worth digging for on its own. Taken together they create powerful movement towards making the essence of your dreams real. These seven steps will give you a life full of R-A-D-I-A-N-T treasures and awaken the powerful dreamer within you!

Reclaim Buried Dreams. Most people have dreams they've forgotten. Access your Higher Self, the person you are becoming, your Values, and your Life Purpose, and reclaim your Dream. The Divine Spirit brought you to this earth and in relationship with the people around you for a reason – what is it? What are your hopes and dreams for the world, and what is your role in making these become real? What were you put on this earth to do or be? What impact do you want to have as a result of having strong, vibrant, and loving relationships? Hold your dreams tenderly and with great love and compassion. Believe in them. Nourish them and allow them to grow.

Attack the weeds. Just like in a newly planted garden, watering and nourishing our dreams can cause thoughts and feelings of fear, hopelessness, and inadequacy to pop up. These are the weeds, the inner voices, which choke the life out of your dreams. Be curious about what these voices are telling you. Your inner critic may be telling you that your dream is impossible. This could point you to obstacles to plan around as you pursue your dream. You may feel sapped of energy, feeling hopeless and full of doubts. This could point you to a need for nurturing yourself and filling up your spiritual gas tank. You may be telling yourself all kinds of reasons to stay where you are. This could point you to a need to foster your sense of self and your place in the world. Listen to all the voices within you. Take the time to be aware of your thoughts and feelings and clear out what doesn't serve you.

Eagle.Delicious goals. Identify milestones within your dream and create milestone-level goals that are so real and so specific that you can taste them. Create delicious goals that fill you up with energy and joy, that sing to your heart. Have fun with your goals. What is it that you want to be, do or have? What goals does your relationship have? Envision how it will feel when you have achieved that goal and add that into the goal's wording. Create really big goals, lofty goals, goals really worth reaching, goals that have the power of your burning desire for making them a reality.

Intentions. Intentions are clear declarations to the Universe – and they are powerful. Drawing from the energy of your Higher Self and knowing your ultimate goals, create a clear intention for movement. Focus on what you want to exist and how you want to feel; release expectations on how it is to happen. What is the intention of your spirit? What is the intention of your relationships? Create an intention in the present tense, a positively-worded statement as if it already exists. Build your intention upon gratitude for what already exists in your life. Use body movement, prayer and meditation to lock it into your cells. Create a feeling of deep commitment that will not be turned aside.

Action. Using your intentions as guides and being open to your intuition take action towards your goal. Trust and move. Take steps that are aligned with your courage, and outside your comfort zone. Even if these are baby steps you will be closer than if you took no steps at all. With each action you are one step closer to your dream and with each accomplishment your courage and confidence will grow. Take the steps – make it so. Ask for help and collaborate with others. And look for allies and teachers along the way.

Caterpillars.New beginnings. Just as a toddler taking her first steps has to keep getting up after a tumble you will be continually learning from what happened and making adjustments. Each step is a new beginning. Even failure can bring you closer to reaching your dream when you learn, adjust, and see them as new beginnings. Stay open to seeing the new opportunities that now exist because of the trip and fall. Keeping a journal may help. What worked well? What needs to be adjusted? What are next possible steps? Keep adapting, evolving, expanding, and growing.

Take care of your precious self. Notice your body; your breathing, your feeling of health and vitality. Do what needs to be done to keep your body happy (you know what this is). Retrain your mind to be grateful, to look for hope, to expect that the higher good will be realized. Learn to be quiet, in body and mind, so that the sweet whisperings of your spirit can be heard. Nurture and treasure your relationships. You are a radiant being; let your light shine. Remember that your natural state is joy. Integrate this awareness into your body, mind, and spirit, in all that you do.

These steps may not be linear. Sometimes we need to attack the weeds before we can hear our dreams – the fearful voices are so loud that we can't even dare to dream. Sometimes we need to take some action before we become clear about our goals – we discover what we don't want and that informs us of what we really do want. Sometimes we need to take care of our body, mind, and spirit before we can start on any of the other steps. Very often we're in many of these steps at the same time. As the saying goes: The journey is what's important, not the destination.

Here is my wish for you. Create a life full of R-A-D-I-A-N-T treasures. Become a really big dreamer. Become adept at weeding out the fears and doubts and taming your inner critic. Learn how to create powerfully delicious goals and intentions that speak to your heart. Trust yourself and get moving; take a step towards reaching your dream. Take really good care of your precious self, and be adaptable. Learn to ask for help from others. Dreams will then more easily manifest themselves into reality. And if you want additional support for making this happen, call me; that's what I'm here for.

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