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I’m Diane Boivie and I’m a Leadership Transformation Specialist with over 20 years of working with leaders who want to awaken to the meaning in leading.
Radiant Life Coaching was created specifically to partner with leaders who are ready to identify and eliminate the obstacles that separate them from where they are and where they want to be.  Transformational leaders who are ready to understand the truth about themselves and remove their barriers to making a positive impact in the world.
Over the years I’ve helped my clients increase their sense of purpose and confidence, remove obstacles to their progress, and open up new paths for movement.   I’ve found that as leaders we focus so much on the forward progress of our organizations that we so often hold ourselves back. We carry things inside that we don’t even know are in the way of our progress...
Our drives, beliefs, perceptions, and assumptions about what is possible affect our abilities to fully step into our calling as leaders. For that reason this work is deeply holistic bringing all aspects of leadership – mental, emotional, physical & spiritual – into alignment and action.
In addition, a transformational leader’s effectiveness in driving change depends on their ability to foster collaboration, innovation, and cooperation across the organization. For that reason, this work also addresses relationship dynamics, the way people interact, interrelate, and get things done by working with others.
If you are ready to move beyond anything that stands between you and the leader you really want to be in the world – if you are ready to make shift happen –  contact me for a free consultation.
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